Who Is Responsible For Apartment Building Accidents?

It is important to keep in mind that not all injuries that occur at your residence are a landlord’s responsibility.

In order for anyone to be responsible for another person’s injuries, there must be negligence.
A landlord can be held liable for incidents that cause injury or harm as long they meet the standards layout above.

This may include:⠀
– Injuries from a fall or dangerous incident
– Illness caused by mold or pathogens
– Crush injuries caused by falling objects
– Drowning injuries caused by unsafe pool areas
– Harm or injuries caused by lack of security
– Injuries caused by fire
– Falls caused by dangerous staircases

Any resulting damage from a landlord’s failure to maintain a safe property may be considered their responsibility.

This could include theft, damage to a tenant’s personal property, wrongful deaths, and a myriad of physical injuries like broken bones, severe burns, and head injuries.

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