Corporate, Commercial, Immigration and Citizenship Law.

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MLK Law PC offers a variety of services in Real Estate Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Corporate and Commercial Law, as well as Immigration and Citizenship Law.
We have experienced and qualified professionals, who will supervise and advise you regarding any legal questions that may appear.


Corporate and Commercial

MLK Law PC corporate and commercial department is formed by experienced attorneys which have the expertise and critical mass required to handle complex deals and provide all clients with professional services of a tailored approach and a high level of understanding.

Citizenship and Immigration

MLK Law PC offers a wide range of legal services related to immigration issue. Our team of lawyers has the expertise to handle necessary formalities pertaining to obtaining permits of work and residence, as well as long and short stay visa.

Wills and Estate Planing

Everyone knows the importance of an estate document. However, most people have never made a will, or if they have, did not update them in time. While some people consider making a will as being too expensive, others think they don’t have.

Real Estate

The real estate industry evolves while trying to answer the needs of common users and property investors alike. Fresh ideas and diverse requirements are being brought into this domain by new investors. MLK Law PC offers advice on real estate matters across a wide range of practice areas.


Buyer’s Options if Construction is Delayed

⠀ In the case of significant delays, a buyer has some recourse. They have the right to compensation due to delayed occupancy, if the Firm Occupancy Date is not met…

Transfer Of Title/Ownership

A transfer of title or ownership takes place when a new person is added, or an existing person is removed by the property tile or ownership. A property owner will…

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