Real EstateThe real estate industry evolves while trying to answer the needs of common users and property investors alike. Fresh ideas and diverse requirements are being brought into this domain by new investors. MLK Law PC offers advice on real estate matters across a wide range of practice areas.

MLK Law’s real estate department works efficiently and effectively to help clients. By placing your trust in us, you will take advantage of specialized real estate industry knowledge.

We provide counsel which translates into successful outcomes by synthesizing commercial and legal knowledge, and by managing the intricacies of clients’ disputes and transactions.

Clients reach out to our services when they want to understand industry trends and their impact on business while they operate on a real estate market. Across time, people in various positions to a property have relied on us and contracted our legal services. Therefore, we have delivered market-leading advice to: corporate, private and institutional investors, owners, developers, lenders and underwriters.

Our real estate team is fully qualified to deal with a variety of situations, be it a case where a property holding company is acquired at a corporate level, a case of indirect real estate investments through minority shareholdings, cases of joint ventures or real estate financing, etc.

Regardless of which party is being represented, we can provide impeccable legal service as we have a thorough understanding of real estate issues in various domains. Our dedicated lawyers offer experience-based guidance on virtually every aspect of a real estate transaction due to their vast experience with legal issues of financing, operating, leasing and use of real estate. If you have any questions, contact our office, and we will be happy to help you.