Selling A Home With Asbestos

Asbestos reduces your property’s value, turns off buyers. Don’t panic, you can still sell a home with asbestos in it! In fact, it was used so widely that it’s hard to find homes from certain eras that don’t contain asbestos.

Follow those tips:
⠀- It is important for home-owners to be aware of the presence of any asbestos, to confirm level of asbestos and safe living in a house.
⠀- Potential buyers may wish to be certain that the home they want to purchase does not contain asbestos.
⠀- In order to protect the seller, a potential buyer would be well-advised to request a warranty from the seller that there is no asbestos in the home.
⠀- This warranty that survives closing could be drafted into the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
⠀- The potential buyer could also request that the sale of the home be conditional on a home inspection.

You may have to negotiate the terms of the sale, but you’ll probably sleep better at night knowing that you did the right thing. Plus, should something asbestos-related happen to the new homeowners, you’re more protected from legal recourse because you abided by the disclosure requirement.

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