Vehicle Ownership Transfer from Intestate to an Heir

Process of transferring car ownership’s title depends on whether it was registered in the name of the deceased person only or whether it was a joint ownership. In case a close relative or beloved one has passed away without probating vehicle in a lawful way, it may cause some troubles when it comes to selling it.

What Should You Do?

slide02Car ownership transfer can be a complicated process, as each situation and circumstances are considered variously by Canadian Law. In the event you had run into an issue of transferring a vehicle without a will, it is at your best interest to take a legal advice from someone who will make legal process work in your favour.

By Ontario Law in order to redirect a car ownership title you must have an executor of the will to go to the local Ministry of Transportation office.  A list of standard required documents that have to be presented are as follows:

  • A copy of the Will
  • Personal identification
  • Vehicle ownership papers
  • Proof of insurance papers Proof of death certificate

Besides, these documents, you will have to provide additional papers. You must obtain a letter of opinion drafted by a professional attorney, indicating that there are no creditors or immediate family member setting up a claim to this car ownership.

In order to claim a car ownership, a spouse or the person entitled to be appointed executor of the estate of deceased person, must fill in a Spousal Declaration and/or Plate Transfer Declaration, as well as a detailed description of the vehicle.

If you are experiencing any troubles with vehicle title transfer, do not hesitate to contact our office for professional legal guidance.

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