A Reliable Guide to Purchasing Land in Ontario

Are you looking forward to purchasing land in Ontario? Real estate market is booming, and you will need to make the right choice to get the most out of your investment. That’s why you will need to follow this guide and then proceed with purchasing land in Ontario.

  • Be mindful about zoning

One of the most common mistakes that people do when they purchase land is that they don’t pay attention to zoning. You should carefully focus on the zoning requirements and purchase a land in appropriate zoning. It is better if you can deep dive and focus on zoning requirements such as lot coverage, building height, and the distance required to be kept from the sidewalk.

  • Go through Subdivider’s Agreement

If you are about to purchase land in a subdivision, you will have to go through Subdivider’s Agreement. This will help you to understand restrictions associated with the land. For example, some Subdivider’s Agreements say that you should build the house in all stone or brick. Some might even limit the distance where you can build the garage from the front. Likewise, you should clearly understand all restrictions and then proceed with purchasing land.

  • Check what utilities are available 

It is essential to check and see what utilities are available for the land that you are about to buy as well. Some of the most important utilities to check include water well, power lines, septic systems, and gas lines. Then you should compare them with your preferences and see whether you will run into any problems in the future or not.

  • Do a soil test

If nothing has been built on the land before, you will need to do a soil test. This is where you should get in touch with a geotechnical engineer. Then you can figure out whether the soil can handle a new septic system or absorb water. If your land fails the soil test, it will not be possible for you to build anything on it.

  • Check access to roadway

Some raw lands don’t have proper access to properly maintained roads. This will lead you to problems when you are trying to access them. Hence, you should check and see whether access to roadway is available for your land or not.

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